The Art of Gratitude
Red Shoes Gallery, Santa Rosa

Inspired by an overwhelming sense of gratitude, the paintings on exhibit in February 2018 at Red Shoes Gallery in Santa Rosa, were painted over a four-year period during which the artist felt called to create images of natural beauty and hope. Ignoring traditional brushes and pallet knives, the artist chose wooden skewers, sculpting tools and razor blades to apply oil paint onto 24" x 24" wood panels. Layers of shimmering broken color create a vibrant impressionistic effect and rich, tactile surface. Viewers are encouraged to get up close to see "paintings within the paintings."

Some portray stark contrasts of dark and light, expressing the concept, "out of the darkness and into the light." Others inspire hope through the use of light in nature--- light, the artist believes, is meant to inspire humankind.

Wishing to shift focus away from self to the message of gratitude that inspired the paintings, the artist signed the paintings with a simple "thanks," and has generously (and anonymously) donated them to a local faith community. Proceeds of this sale will in turn be donated to one of the faith community’s primary outreach ministries, the non-profit organization Homeless with Pets .

The exhibit and reception will be on February 10th & 11th, 2018, from 12 - 4 pm each day at Red Shoes Gallery, 1040 North Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa.


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